Get a better mix.

Our mix consultancy packages give you direct professional feedback that will help you to improve your sound.


At The Mix Consultancy we're very proud to have helped many musicians, composers and engineers to Get A Better Mix! Here are some kinds words from just a few of them...

Cary Grace, musician testimonial image for The Mix Consultancy

"Though I usually prefer to mix my own music and am happy with the results, it has been a massive time-saver when working on something to have an unbiased assessment from an experienced person with different ears, in a different room, listening on different equipment. An outside perspective makes tracking down and fixing the problems that actually need fixing exponentially faster, and helps me to know when to stop, which is perhaps the most important thing. I've been very happy with the results achieved on the mixes Dom has consulted on for me."

Cary Grace


Bending Bus, musician testimonial image for The Mix Consultancy

"Dom really listens, and understands the music. Then suggests the right tweaks to make the mix come together, and is able to communicate the adjustments clearly when working remote. A must-have second set of ears before sending the mix to mastering!"

Bending Bus


Damien Nolan, composer testimonial image for The Mix Consultancy

"Dom's mix consultancy not only helped me mix the tracks Dom advised on, but also gave me knowledge and a train of thought I can apply to future projects. More importantly Dom's service gave me confidence that I was producing something of great quality. Being able to tap into Dom's huge wealth of knowledge and experience has saved me mountains of time experimenting and getting things wrong."

Damien Nolan


The Misnomers, musician testimonial image for The Mix Consultancy

"This really is awesome stuff, and I am learning so much! I believe that working with you has accelerated my learning by years - where else could I have learned this stuff! Seriously, thank you so much!!"

The Misnomers


Si Connelly, musician testimonial image for The Mix Consultancy

"Loved working with Dom on some mixes recently. Dom really opened up my production approach, and helped me to achieving a final mix that lifts the entire track to another level. Highly, highly recommend. I’ll certainly be working with him on future productions."

Si Connelly


Arms That Fit Like Legs, musician testimonial image for The Mix Consultancy

"Thanks so much Dom for the very prompt feedback, that's exactly what I was looking for, really appreciate the depth of analysis! I’ll be sending you some more tracks soon!"

Arms That Fit Like Legs