About Us

The Mix Consultancy has been set up to help everyone who wants to get better at mixing music. We have a large range of people that come to us for advice, from musicians who have just decided to put their music out into the world, to professional engineers who want to run their mix by a second set of ears before they send it off to a client. Because each consultation is completely unique to each track that we are sent, our customers are not only improving the mix they are working on at the time, but also learning more about the process and new techniques to try.

Feedback from our customers also tells us that we save them lot of time. Instead of going back and forth over a mix trying to identify why they're not happy with it, we can quickly spot the problem areas and offer a number of solutions to them. Our customers can then move on with the track and concentrate on making more music!

We offer two different levels of service - Gold and Platinum - as we know that budgets can be tight and artists have different needs. While we have found that three critical reviews of a mix is ideal for those who want everything to be perfect, the biggest leap forward in a mix often comes after the first consultation. So, if budgets are tight, we believe the Gold service is the very best way that you can invest in your music. If you are striving for some more though, the two extra revisions that you get with the Platinum service will really push your mix to it's best.

Dom Morley is a Grammy Award winning engineer and producer. He has worked with many of the music industry's biggest names, from Adele, Sting and Amy Winehouse to Phil Spector, Mark Ronson and Tony Visconti. He brings this wealth of experience to The Mix Consultancy, and to every mix uploaded to our service.

When not hiding away in a studio, Dom tutors Masters students at a prestigious British Conservatoire where he trains the next generation of engineers and producers.

"When I started out in the industry there was a pretty straightforward path to becoming an engineer," says Dom. "You got a job in a studio making the tea, and after a lot of late nights and hard work you became an assistant engineer, then an in-house engineer and so on. All along the way you had the studio's chief engineer, other house engineers and the freelance guys that came by giving you one-to-one advice and answering all your questions. This was how you learnt and this was how you got better.

"Now we have a shift where today's engineers aren't getting the same opportunities to work in studios, and a lot of bands are deciding to engineer their own records. While the spread of the recording technology is a fantastic, democratising change for the better, what we've lost is the training that used to be part and parcel of being a young engineer.

"There's loads of great advice on YouTube and blogs, but ultimately there's nowhere to go if you have a bunch of questions about a track that you're working on. All the advice videos in the world won't tell you what you can do to improve the mix you are working on right here and right now. And that's where The Mix Consultancy comes in."

Grammy Award from The Recording Academy